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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for NLYHA

The COVID Plan for NLYHA is posted below.

Beginning November 16 - District 15 Game Resurfacing

Beginning November 16, 2020, District 15 is requesting no resurfacing for any Minnesota Hockey games at all arenas in District 15.   

Summary of NLYHA Preparedness Plan

Below is a summary of key areas from the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Northern Lakes Youth Hockey Association.  The information below pertains to us and our partner facilities (Breezy and Hallett).  Please review requirements at other facilities prior to using.

  • Each participant will be required to answer an online survey prior to each activity that will act as our Check-In Protocol.  To view the Check-In process, click on the Check-In Protocol Video link below.
  • Arrive at each arena no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time; use designated locker rooms only for the group you are in.
  • Masks are required as you navigate the lobby, hallway, locker rooms, and non-ice areas.
  • Come mostly dressed to minimize time in the locker room.
  • Bring filled water bottles; water fountains are not available.
  • Use the bathroom prior to arriving to minimize use of this area.
  • For practices, if your player is 11+, it's recommended you drop them off and pick them up.
  • For practices, if your player is 10 or below, it's recommended that one parent enter the arena to assist with any equipment needs.
  • Leave the arena immediately after the ice session by only removing helmets and skates.
  • It's recommended to clean equipment after each use.
  • For games, NLYHA spectators will follow the area guidelines as it pertains to capacity.

Check-In Protocol

Click on the video for instructions on how to check-in for your NLYHA activity - ice, dryland, game, etc.

Visit the Team page for that Team's specific check-in link.

Government Agencies

Below are links to government agencies and the guidelines and requirements we follow.


Partner Facilities

NLYHA members, coaches, families and spectators are guests at the facilities we use for our events and activities.  

Below are links to the Breezy Point Sports Arena and Hallett Community Center and information specific to their facilities, which has been incorporated into our Preparedness Plan.

Breezy Point COVID Guidelines - October 28, 2020

  • Beginning November 17, 2020:
    • No locker rooms will be available for practices. 
    • Players should come mostly dressed.
    • Benches will be made available in the arena area to put on skates.
    • Spectators at practice are limited to 1 per player and they must wear a mask.
  • All skaters and coaches will enter the rink no more than 15 minutes before their practice times. 
  • All skaters and coaches must use appropriately marked doors to ENTER and EXIT the rink and go straight to the LOCKER ROOM they are assigned. 
  • Please fill and bring your own water bottle, as the water fountain WILL NOT be available.  Bottled water is available in the vending machines. 
  • All spectators must be inside the ice rink or if in the lobby need to be 6’ apart.  Young children should be near their parents or responsible adult and not running around the rink unattended.
  • There are 2 spectators allowed per player at games.
  • Please do not allow players to share equipment or water bottles.
  • All skaters and coaches need to use restrooms in the ice arena and not the public restrooms in the lobby.  All spectators are asked to use restrooms in the lobby and not travel back to the locker room area.
  • Please do not bring outside food into the lobby of the ice arena. 
  • You may be asked to have a no-touch temperature taken upon arrival to the rink.  If you have a temp over 100 degrees you will be asked to leave.

Hallett Center COVID Guidelines - October 28, 2020

Originally emailed to the Association on October 28.

Entry and Exit

  • Beginning Saturday, October 31, the ONLY Hockey Entrance will be the north doors.  These are the glass doors facing the road and are at the end of the hallway where locker rooms are located.
  • The ONLY Hockey Exit will be the other set of north doors facing the road inside the arena.
  • Signs indicating this will be hung up.
  • Masks are required to enter the facility and need to be worn in common areas.
  • NLYHA will be buying masks to keep at the north doors should you forget yours. We will let you know when this is in place.  Hallett does not have masks available.  You need a mask to enter. 
  • Hallett Center serves not only us, but other groups of all age ranges and are trying to protect all.  A separate entrance for us from the fitness and pool patrons is another safety measure they’ve added.
  • You may be asked to take a temperature check.

Practice Arrival Times

  • Players and coaches are not allowed to arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • We have received reports that players are sometimes arriving an hour before their practice time.  Please adhere to the 15 minute requirement. 

Staying for Practices at the Arena

  • Players that are 10 and under are allowed 1 parent in the facility. 
  • The parent must stay in the arena area, wear a mask and socially distance.  We can't be in the lobby area.

Watching Games

  • Players/coaches are allowed to arrive 15 minutes prior to the schedule time.
  • Spectators should queue up 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time for check-in and temp checks.
  • At this time, there is 1 spectator per player allowed. 
  • Hallett Center will offer LiveBarn this season during games so you can watch/stream as another option.  Information on LiveBarn access will be shared with team managers.