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COVID-19 Resources

Phase 5 Return to Play Guidelines

Minnesota Hockey has announced its guidance for Phase 5, which will go into effect on Thursday, January 14 when games may resume. Key highlights of Phase 5 include:

  • One spectator per player may be allowed at practices but should still be limited as much as possible. 
  • A maximum of two spectators per player will be allowed for games, with exceptions for parents or guardians who must bring in young children.
  • Three coaches will be allowed on the bench during games
  • No resurfacing during games (between periods).
  • Tournaments may occur.
  • Inter-state travel must be approved by the appropriate District Director and is strongly discouraged, with the exception of border towns.

Update: January 12

Minnesota Hockey released the first update to the Return to Play Guidelines - Phase 5 on January 12.   Below is information pertaining to those changes along with a few miscellaneous updates.  

The updated version is attached and key changes include:

  • Strongly discouraging locker room use, but no longer preventing it
  • Allowing for small drawstring bags or small backpacks to carry smaller items
  • Allowing goaltenders in 15 minutes before scheduled ice times as opposed to 10

Additionally, Minnesota Hockey wanted to address the number of questions they've received regarding the two spectators rule. They  understand there are challenges with that limit and below is the main rationale. 

  • MDH strongly recommends a limit of 1 or 2 spectators per player
  • It simplifies contact tracing as each team can monitor who attends their games and have easily accessible contact tracing, rather than requiring a pre-event registration system for every game. 
  • It aligns with the rules this fall for spectators.

Check-In Protocol

Click on the video for instructions on how to check-in for your NLYHA activity - ice, dryland, game, etc.

Visit the Team page for that Team's specific check-in link.

Partner Facilities

NLYHA members, coaches, families and spectators are guests at the facilities we use for our events and activities.  

Below are links to the Breezy Point Sports Arena and Hallett Community Center and information specific to their facilities, which has been incorporated into our Preparedness Plan.

Breezy Point COVID Guidelines

See link to website and Spectator Information document located to the left.

Hallett Center COVID Guidelines

  • The ONLY Hockey Entrance will be the north doors.  These are the glass doors facing the road and are at the end of the hallway where locker rooms are located.
  • The ONLY Hockey Exit will be the other set of north doors facing the road inside the arena.
  • See link to website and Spectator Information document located to the left.

Government Agencies

Below are links to government agencies and the guidelines and requirements we follow.