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Come Try Hockey For Free!


Thank you to all of the participants in our Come Try Hockey events this season!  Many will be joining our association and we are so glad to have you!

See you around the rink!

10 Reasons to Come Try Hockey!

  1. Hockey builds confidence.
  2. Hockey teaches kids to fly.
  3. Hockey builds mental agility.
  4. Rinks are warmer than you think.
  5. Hockey teaches persistence.
  6. Hockey is for everyone.
  7. Hockey develops social skills.
  8. Screening the goalie is better than screen time.
  9. Increased physical literacy.
  10. You can play for a lifetime.

10 More Reasons to Come Try Hockey!

  1. It is a FANTASTIC way to burn extra energy and the winter blues!
  2. Fun for the whole family!
  3. Teaches Respect for Others, children are taught to shake hands and tell the other players “Good Game” regardless of the outcome!
  4. Make lifelong bonds!
  5. It’s played on ice, that’s cool (no pun intended) all by itself!
  6. What else is there to do on cold winter nights?
  7. Kids get to meet kids they may not have met before with our 50 mile wide footprint!
  8. The lingo: Biscuit, Chiclets, Chirp, Flow, Salad, Twig and Celly!
  9. Everybody plays, teams exist for all levels!
  10. It’s more affordable than you think.  FREE THE FIRST YEAR and FREE EQUIPMENT through age 10!  The Northern Lakes Youth Hockey Association has worked extremely hard to make it very affordable for ALL families to play hockey.


If you have questions about the Come Try Hockey sessions, please contact