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Instructions for iCal Calendar

Our NLYHA NGIN calendar adds an amazing functionality to your schedule keeping. You can select from various items print and/or load them directly into your outlook, google calendar or smartphone... Check out the example below!

Our NGIN website has a very powerful and useful calendar. You can adjust it to show only the teams you want to know information about then print, copy, subscribe and even download to your outlook, google or smartphone! A few steps can get you on the way to understanding how to use it... Please see the example below.

Choose a calendar from any page on the site. And click on show tag menu (upper right)

Then select the tags from that expanded menu. For example highlighted Peewee A and Squirt B Calendar

Note the items for NLYHA Peewee A and Squirt B show on the calendar now!

In the upper left corner it will show which tags/teams or pages you are currently showing on the calendar. In the case up above, Peewee A and Squirt B Calendar. This would show me all the events for those two teams.

When you are done, there are three buttons at the bottom of the calendar, RSS, ICAL, print and show all.

When you click on the "Subscribe to iCal Feed", the URL (or otherwise known as a web address) can be copied and pasted in your google calendar, outlook or I-Calendar. If you have an iPhone, you can navigate and select the URL as mentioned above from your phone. For Android and Blackberry users, you may need to use google calendar or outlook as your input.

The RSS feed, is more of a news reader. It does allow you to receive updates, but in a slightly different format.

The iCal software through Apple does not require synchronizing to receive updates apparently, but, the Android phones etc, may need to be periodically refreshed to get recent updates.


iPhone subscribe to iCAL process...


"You can add calendars manually by on the iPhone by selecting “Settings” > “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > ”Add Account…” under “Accounts” Select “Other” at the bottom select "Add Subscribed Calendar" (or CalDAV for CalDav calendars, like Google), then paste in the URL to the .ics file."




This was not the work of myself.  It was plagiarized from the St. Cloud Youth Hockey Association website with the permission of the SCYHA Website Director.  I don’t want you all thinking I’m that great J


If you have any questions, please email me at